Real Beauty Is In The Details

Details that make a difference

True beauty comes from taking care of those tiny but important details that are easy to miss.And when you are pressed for time, and have to worry about hundreds of tasks in a day, it can almost be impossible to take care of these details, let alone do them well. That is why we here at Sheri Palm Spa have sought to take care of that problem for you.


Enhance the appearance of your feet tenfold by giving them that freshly groomed look. Doing so will also improve your blood circulation, remove dead cells, improve your mood, and also keep your toes in the best condition.


Worried about hang-nails, fragile nails, wrinkles in the hands as well as cuticles? It is no secret that ageing starts showing on hands quicker than any other place. But worry no more. With just a professional manicure, you can restore that all-great appearance you had 10 years before.

Henna Art

Henna not only makes you more beautiful, it also helps you smoothen your hair, protect your skin, relieve headaches, boost hair health, cool down your body, reduce inflammation, speed up healing, and much more. It’s basically killing many birds with one stone.

Nail Polish

Did you know that hands are one of the areas that most people pay attention to when they first meet you? And hands that are well taken care of leave a lasting impression. A professionally done nail polish is the final touch that gives that attractive look to well-manicured nails.

Eyelash extensions

Eyes are an important part of every woman’s appearance. And nothing enhances that appearance better than eyelash extensions. But done improperly, they never look that good. Have you struggled with mascara and strip lashes? Worry no more. Come over and we will have eyelash extensions done for you by consummate professionals who have been at it for years.

Nail filing

Jagged edges and split nails are some of the challenges that you have to deal with when you perform nail files by yourself. Forget those inconveniences at once and come to us so that we can get it done for you the right way.

Eyebrow Tweezing

Removing hair from your eyebrows can greatly enhance your beauty. But plucking hairs is not healthy and can even be dangerous. Professional tweezing helps remove those hairs the right way while taking care not to damage your appearance.

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