Now you can say goodbye to Jet Lag

Massage Therapy

Now picture yourself arriving at your destination and adjusting almost immediately to your normal routine. Imagine getting up the next day, and being able to get on with business or head over to work without being feeling sleepy, tired, and crampy. That is what massage therapy does for you.

Swedish Massage

This is your best choice, especially if you are new to massage and are sensitive to touch. It will help you relieve tension as well as release muscle knots. It can also help you ease minor pain.

Hot Stone Massage

This is therapy that involves the use of heated stones to aid in the performance of the massage. The therapist will use a combination of the stones and hands to perform the therapy. It is perfect for you if you are experiencing muscle tension and pain. It also helps improve blood flow in the body.


This is therapy that combines the physical activity of massage with essential oils. The essential oils are good for making you feel relaxed as well as enhancing your mood. You will get a full massage of your body as you inhale the essential oils through a diffuser. The therapy can also apply the oils on the skin.This therapy helps you relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Thai Massage

This is therapy that works your body through movements that are almost similar to yoga. Your therapist will stretch and twist your body in addition applying pressure to your muscles. This therapy is great for promoting flexibility, circulation of blood, relieving pain, stress, and increasing energy levels.

Foot Massage

As the name suggests, this therapy is applied to the feet. Your therapist will rub and manipulate the reflex zones located at your feet. These zones are connected to nervous system, and so pressure applied here can reach many zones in the body. This therapy mainly improves blood circulation, promotes relaxation, and helps you get better sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

This form of therapy involves the application of more pressure to the muscles. The massage therapist will apply deep pressure combined with slow strokes on your muscles. This is a good choice for you if you experience muscle soreness, chronic pain, anxiety, injury, or imbalance. This therapy may be more intense as compared to the others, but you won’t feel pain or soreness.

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