You only get one chance to make a good first impression

Make The Best First Impression

As much as we all don’t like it, people do judge books by their cover. And they will keep on doing so to the last syllable of recorded time. And it is with this realization, that we here at Sheri Palm Spa are committed to making you look your best by offering first class hairdressing services.

1. Hair removal

Now you can forget about having to deal with that embarrassing hairy appearance that you may have to present when you hit the gym for a workout, lie down at the beach while vacationing, or try to be the life of the party.


Look better, feel cleaner, fresher, and more confident when you walk into business meetings or meet with associates knowing that professionals have done their best job on you.

Hair styling

Wishing that you were more charming, attractive, warm, and more sociable? Looking to get rid of that awkward nervousness that comes with not knowing how you look to people? A great hair style can take care of that.

Micro weaving

Encumbered by a hectic lifestyle that involves frequent travel, business meetings, working long hours, early mornings, juggling career and parenthood? No problem. Micro weaving could be your best answer. It allows you to simplify, look natural, add volume to thin hair, all while still making you look your best.

Beard Styling

Researchers agree that beards are indeed one of the most attractive male features.  They make you look more mature, aggressive, socially dominant, and more masculine. Why not capitalize on these strengths by styling them to look even better?

Wash and set

Looking to restore that cool, vibrant, colorful, and shiny appearance to you hair? Wash and set may be just what you need. Get rid of dry hair, pungent odors, product buildup, dirt, dust, and more.

Funky hair styles

If you are one for eccentric looks that make you look different and almost 10 years younger, then you will be happy to find out that we can have one done for you in a professional way.

Book Us Today

It bears repeating that looks can never be taken for granted. They can make or break that important first impression that you never get a second chance to correct. So why not drop by at JKIA terminal 1A, next to Simba Lounge, and have us take care of this problem for you. Or simply call us to book your spot.

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